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'Enjoy premium service using Australia's best natural based hair products'

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Curly Hair Education

Need to talk curls? Need some curly education? Well, it all starts with a coffee...

Receive a hair & face analysis, we discuss hair texture, curl type, porosity, products and then we nut out your method. This is your chance to ask all the questions that keep you up at night!


Salon Co-Wash & Style

Enjoy a co-wash, scrunch and go (air dry)





In salon basin treatment, co-wash and and full style dry under our over head dryers.


Natural Beauty

12 - 16 Years Curly Cut

Let us help guide the next generation of curly teens so they can rock amazing curls and learn to embrace and love their natural hair!

note: please call to book this service.


First ECO Curly Cut

Mandatory for first timers! 

At your first appointment we will discuss your current method or teach you all about how to correctly care for and style your natural hair to get the most out of your curls. If you are new to this method, this will be a curl education session (valued at $50.00). Followed, is a beautiful curly cut with more education, a wash, dry and scrunch out plus a post care routine guide for home. 


In-salon basin treatment inc.


Follow-up Curly Cut

Within 12 months of your first appointment or after a curly consult (within 3 months). This session will be a dry curl-by-curl cut, co-wash, customised hair treatment, dry and scrunch out! 

Be sure to come with your hair freshly styled and dry (scrunch out the crunch!) so we can follow your natural curl pattern to give you the best results! 


Men's Curly Cuts

Ok, so lots of guys are at a loss with how to manage their natural curls! That's ok! We gotcha covered at ECO spa!

First mens curly cut include education, cut, wash (the most important part!) and dry. We will help with an easy manageable method for home too! 


Follow up mens curly cuts are no fuss! You'll be in and out in no time! 


Kids Haircut (all hair types)

0 - 11years old


12 - 16 years old


note: please call to book this service.

Women's Haircut (all hair types)

Haircut only


Wash, haircut & blow-dry (treatment included) 


Men's Haircut (all hair types)

Lay back and enjoy a scalp cleanse, massage & professional style cut



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Wash & Blowdry

Includes complimentary hair treatment 

Short (Jawline) $49.50

Medium (Shoulders) $59.50

Long (Waist) $69.50

Extra Long (Past Waist) $79.50


Includes complimentary hair treatment 

Regrowth Colour

T - Section only $60

4 - 5 Weeks $95

6 + Weeks from $120

Scalp Lightening (bleached) from $125

Full Hair colour 

Permanent , Demi, Semi 

Short (Jawline) $110

Medium (Shoulders$145

Long (Waist) $175

Extra Long (Past Waist) $215

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1/4 Head (approx. 12)  from $90

1/2 Head (approx. 25) 

from $125

Full Head 

from $160

Add a 'tip-out' for extra blonde & brightness on your ends 

from $35

(Price doesn't include toning)


Short (Shoulders) $145

Medium (Waist$175

Long (Hips) $220

Extra Long (Buttocks) $275

(Price doesn't include toning)

Formal Hairstyling

from $95

Does not include wash and blow-dry

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