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'Experience Diamond


Deeply exfoliates for instantly, soft, smoother and younger looking skin

Diamond microdermabrasion is one of the easiest and most effective ways to fight the effects of ageing. For instantly smoother skin, the Comfortel Diamond microdermabrasion facial system uses a combination of vacuum suction and diamond encrusted tips to lightly abrade the skins surface, producing a deeply exfoliating and polishing skin treatment. With easy to use settings, combined with the use of high-tech skin care products, you are able to penetrate deep into your skin, allowing the skin to build collagen and help regenerate a youthful, brighter appearance.


organic spa micro.png

Micro-dermabrasion & Peel

First, we cleanse your skin and then use a diamond tipped suction wand that buffs and polishes dull or sun damaged cells to reveal the younger looking, fresher skin below. Thereafter a manual extraction is included if required, and an 'Organic spa' peel is an added bonus to deeply cleanse pores which releases the congestion that can lead to acne.

Enjoy our hydrating gel masque with a delightful hand and arm massage and post treatment skin protection application to nurture your skin post visit all day long!

Your therapist will also assist you with home care support and product prescriptions.

60 minutes


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The Ultimate 
Microdermabrasion & LED

This results driven, relaxing signature service is targeted to your individual age reduction, pigmentation correction, redness reduction or acne management needs.


This treatment includes:

•    Relaxing Thai Foot Ritual

•      1x Professional Skin Analysis

•    1x Double cleanse and tone 

•    1x Microdermabrasion Treatment

•    1x Targeted LED Treatment

•    1x Hydrating masque and skin protection application

•      Home care support and prescription

1hr 20min


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